MUFE Aqua Lip Liners

a few weeks ago i asked on twitter if anyone knows any good long lasting lipsticks and one of my followers suggested makeup forever lip liners with any lipstick or lip gloss on top and being me i got five colors (9c a deep red , 10c purely pink , 16c hot pink,2c  nude pink and  8c orange red ) hope i explained the colors clearly , any way because the are aqua pencils meaning waterproof they suppose to last all day and to be honest i only tried two of them as yo can see from the pictures the others are still in their package :p
now what do i think about them ? they are Amazing apply it wait for it to dry then apply any lipstick on top and it will last you along time up to 5 hours .
P.S: price tag for one lip liner is 4.750 K.D

do you guys know other long lasting lipsticks ? I'd love to try them  :)

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  1. I love Make up Forever!

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    Keep posting great stuff Fashoinista!