Tomorrow is my big day .. my wedding . And I'm so nervous about it but i hope everything does well .
I'll be away for maybe 2 weeks and my sister gonna keep posting . i hope she don't messes every thing or i'm gonna kill her ;p


باجر ان شالله عرسي .حدي احاتي ومتوترة وعلى اعصابي بس ان شالله كل شي يكون تمام .وان شالله بهالاسبوعين بعطي اختي البلوق على ما ارد .عسى بس ماتعفسلي الدنيا وارد القى كل شي سليم هههههه.

ادعولي بالتوفيق:)

MUFE Aqua Lip Liners

a few weeks ago i asked on twitter if anyone knows any good long lasting lipsticks and one of my followers suggested makeup forever lip liners with any lipstick or lip gloss on top and being me i got five colors (9c a deep red , 10c purely pink , 16c hot pink,2c  nude pink and  8c orange red ) hope i explained the colors clearly , any way because the are aqua pencils meaning waterproof they suppose to last all day and to be honest i only tried two of them as yo can see from the pictures the others are still in their package :p
now what do i think about them ? they are Amazing apply it wait for it to dry then apply any lipstick on top and it will last you along time up to 5 hours .
P.S: price tag for one lip liner is 4.750 K.D

do you guys know other long lasting lipsticks ? I'd love to try them  :)

Beyonce on 20/20

hi guys , i just wanted to share with you an interview of beyonce on 20/20 talking mostly about her pregnancy.


do you want to get Naked 2 !!

ok don't get me wrong it's not my fault Urban Decay has the craziest name for its palettes :p so the Naked palette 2 is out now but of course it's sold out almost everywhere on the internet (which is the only way we can get it in Kuwait since we don't have Urban Decay here !!!!) , i do have the old original one and I’m absolutely mad about it , i use it for work , to go out , even for weddings !! so those are pictures from a blogger of the old and new Naked palette  with swatches for you guys to see the difference.

 swatches on the origonal Naked palette
 swatches of the Naked palette 2 :
 coparing the two palletes next to each other.

 to be honest I’m not that crazy about the new Naked palette because i have the original one and from where i see it there is no difference between them. but i do recommend that you get one of them.

pictures Source

Rachel Bilson v/s Miranda Kerr

who do you think wore this beautiful Louis Vuitton  50's inspired  dress from Fall 2010 collection best ? Rachel Bilson that wore it to the Met Gala, back in May 3rd 2010? She added a silver velvet belt same as the one from the runway show, done her hair retro style to complete the look, or Miranda Kerr that wore it Louis Vuitton Maison Australia after-party on December 2nd  2011 ? Miranda added a black velvet belt and a sleek pony tail which also completed the dress and gave that 50's feeling.
to me Miranda wore it best because of the black belt and the red lips .

whats your thoughts?

blake lively

I was watching "the sisterhood of the traveling pants " yesterday on MBC max  one of my favorite teen movies :p

 when i noticed something different about the actress blake lively we all know her in Gossip Girl to me she is one of the fashionable actresses a love how she dresses on GG and on her daily life and i do love how she does her hair , anyway she looks different did you notice from the above pictures ? no
here more pictures of her then in 2004 and now



she had a nose job !!!!  i never knew , i  always thought she naturally look like this but no a nose job , but i do have to say it looks natural !

و نا قاعده اتابع فيلم "the sisterhood of the traveling pants " لاحظت الممثلة بلايك لايفلي شكلها غير و خشمها غير جان اروح لقوقل و ادور صورها حزة الفيلم ب 2004 و صورها الحين و فعلا مسوية عملية تجميل بخشمها , و انا كل علبالي اهي نعومة طبيعيا !!!
لاحظت الممثلين الاجانب لما يسوون عمليات تجميل يصير شكلها طبيعي يعني لو ما تشوفون ورهم و اهم صغار ما تدري انهم مسويين عملية  مو مثل اللي عندنا يصير شكل خشمها غريب و ما ادري شنو !!

 did you know ?

who wore it better ?

Elizabeth Olsen wore Valentino resort 2012 to the 21st annual Gotham Independent Film awards in New York City on the 28th of November.

the same dress was worn by Michelle Yeoh while attending the Rome Film Festival premiere of ‘The Lady’ on the 27th October.
 what do you think ? personally i love it more on Michelle Yeoh and i love the emerald green accessories.

who wore Valentino better ?

  • Michelle Yeoh
  • Elizabeth Olsen

Giuseppe Zanotti spring 2012 (video)

i love shoes and what girl doesn't !!! enjoy this collection from Giuseppe Zanotti for spring/simmer 2012 , it's just to die for !!!

 those two are my favorite

enjoy the video :)

bimba & lola haul

i know i've been bad on my posting but i was sick so thanks all for the patient any way i got this bracelet  and ring from bimba & lola last week , i don't have a lot of silver rings and this ring reminded me of the YSL rings

hope you like it :)

American guy talks islam

my cousin sent me this video about this American guy that talks abut Islam and he speaks Arabic in an Saudi accent that just makes you laugh m he speaks Arabic better than us !!!

Jack and jill movie review

went yesterday to jack and jill a story about twins that Adam Sandler play both characters and the sister jill come to visit her brother jack that thinks his sister is annoying and cant wait for her to leave but she decide to stay longer , a funny funny movie worth watching.