blake lively

I was watching "the sisterhood of the traveling pants " yesterday on MBC max  one of my favorite teen movies :p

 when i noticed something different about the actress blake lively we all know her in Gossip Girl to me she is one of the fashionable actresses a love how she dresses on GG and on her daily life and i do love how she does her hair , anyway she looks different did you notice from the above pictures ? no
here more pictures of her then in 2004 and now



she had a nose job !!!!  i never knew , i  always thought she naturally look like this but no a nose job , but i do have to say it looks natural !

و نا قاعده اتابع فيلم "the sisterhood of the traveling pants " لاحظت الممثلة بلايك لايفلي شكلها غير و خشمها غير جان اروح لقوقل و ادور صورها حزة الفيلم ب 2004 و صورها الحين و فعلا مسوية عملية تجميل بخشمها , و انا كل علبالي اهي نعومة طبيعيا !!!
لاحظت الممثلين الاجانب لما يسوون عمليات تجميل يصير شكلها طبيعي يعني لو ما تشوفون ورهم و اهم صغار ما تدري انهم مسويين عملية  مو مثل اللي عندنا يصير شكل خشمها غريب و ما ادري شنو !!

 did you know ?

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    but fo real, rethink your life