do you want to get Naked 2 !!

ok don't get me wrong it's not my fault Urban Decay has the craziest name for its palettes :p so the Naked palette 2 is out now but of course it's sold out almost everywhere on the internet (which is the only way we can get it in Kuwait since we don't have Urban Decay here !!!!) , i do have the old original one and I’m absolutely mad about it , i use it for work , to go out , even for weddings !! so those are pictures from a blogger of the old and new Naked palette  with swatches for you guys to see the difference.

 swatches on the origonal Naked palette
 swatches of the Naked palette 2 :
 coparing the two palletes next to each other.

 to be honest I’m not that crazy about the new Naked palette because i have the original one and from where i see it there is no difference between them. but i do recommend that you get one of them.

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