Movies i can't wait to see

jack & jill
usually i don't get this excited for an Adam Sandler movie but this one is so funny and i only saw the trailer !!

Happy feet 2
call me a baby but i'm excited for this movie too, and i love those cute baby penguins

now all i need is some company , movie marathon anyone ?

Marni For H&M Collaboration For Spring 2012

i know i was so excited for the Versace for H&M collection tho i only liked 3 pieces ( and i only got one of them ) i'm ten times more excited about Marni for H&M and i do have my eyes one some of the pieces the sad news is will i be able to get them ? any way enjoy the collection and H&M please learn from your mistakes.

this collection is to be released on march 8th.


Excuse me

hi every one 
i'm gonna stop blogging for a couple of days so please bare with me and wait for me 
 thanx all 
السلام عليكم
اسمحوا لي بس بوقف نشاط المدونة لمدة يومين و ان شاء الله مو اكثر عشان ظروف خاصة و مشكورين 


Breakfast for Dinner

i read a few days ago on q8rain blog about a Nutella French Toast Recipe that she took from Blog Lome blog, so yesterday i was extremely hungry for dinner and am starting this bad habit of skipping lunch any way, i thought why not give this a try thou i'm a bad cook and this recipe would be for breakfast but "kaifi :p "
the only thing i did wrong was not adding the right amount of salt that's why it was "ma95a" i highly recommend it and if you are a better cook than i am it'll be delicious. 
you can find the recipe on lome blog above.

Jacobs special cappuccino

the other day me and my friend wanted to try a new coffee so tried Jacobs Cappuccino specials, it supposed to be Oreo flavor and to be honest it tasted nothing like Oreo but we did like it , if you like trying  new things then give it a try. you can find it at TSC.

اول شي نسويه بالدوام قبل ما نشتغل نشرب قهوه "قهوة الصباح" فقررنا نجرب قهوة غير و اخترنا "Jacobs Cappuccino specials" حيل عجبنا بس كان مفروض ان يكون بطعم بسكوت الاوريو بس للاسف ما كان هذا طعمه ، ادري ما راح اعرف اشرح شنو طعمه بس ذكرني بكاكاو قديم كنت اكله و انا صغيرة ، تحصلونه بمركز سلطان.

ghadeer blog give away

yup you read it right , ghadeeer blog is haveing a give away , you know what she is giving ?? TIFFANY AND CO Key Necklace 

all you have to do is go to Ghadeeer blog here and follow the steps she has there
good luck all .

فيديو مؤثر جداً

بصراحة ما اقدر اعلق على الفيديو لان صج اثر فيني بس اقدر اقول "change your words, change your world "

Beyonce's life

i just love how you can beyonce's live until the present time , she really did come along way.


Spring in Kuwait

last week i was on Fahahel high way and i needed to fill my car so i stopped by the gas station in mesila and i noticed those beautiful kits i don't know how i didn't see them before they are very clear on the high way, and those colored with Kuwait Flag are just beautiful , it's a nice way to enjoy the weather.

من جم يوم مريت محطة البانزين اللي جبال المسيلة و انتبهت على الطيارات الورقية و اشطالهم كانت عجيبة و واضحة على الشارع على اني ما نتبهت الا لما دخلت المحطة و اكثر وحدة عجبتني اللي عليها علم الكويت ، صج اذا الواحد هوايته الطائرات الورقية الجو يساعد هاليومين و صج شي حلو، و ما شالله امس منت على الفحسحسل السريع و شفتهم الظاهر كل يوم يطلعون ، الله يتم علينا الجو الحلو .

this one is my favorite


breakfast from MacDonalds

at work we get bored easily so we like to try new places for breakfast not like MacDonald is a new restaurant but this is my first time trying their "hot cake" which is simply pan cakes and my friend loves  sausage muffin. any way back to the hot cake i really liked them they are not the best i tasted but they are good enough. MacDonald serves breakfast from 6:00 to 11:00.

حبينا  نغير و نطلب ريوق من ماكدونالدز ,  و قررت اختار الهوت كيك او الكيك الحار بالعربي و اهوا بساطة بان كيك و حيل عجبني ، ماكدونالدز يقدم الريوق من 6:00 الى الساعة 11:00 ، انصح فيه اذا حابين تغيرون و اذا كنتوا من اهل الدوامات و تملون من نفس الريوق كل يوم.

Harper Seven

harper seven daughter of Victoria and David beckham is considered (at least to me) a fashionista , this 4 months old little girl is one of the fashionable babies out there but that is not a surprise considering having Victoria as a mother m i think will see a lot more of this little angle and i think she'll be big  on fashion.

Victoria sometimes likes to dress her little girl in a matching color to what she is wearing

Vogue For December 2011

Vogue covers for December  2011 , then it's bye bye 2011 and hello 2012 :)

Sophie Vlaming, Portugal 
 Aymeline Valade, Japan
Arizona Muse, Russia
Charlize Theron, USA 
  Isabel Lucas, Australia
 Gisele Bündchen, UK
 Zhou Xun , China
  Karlie Kloss, Germany
Hye-kyo Song, Korea, South and north

i love them all but my favorite is Russia


those are recent pictures of beyonce on a trip she took to Miami with her whole family and you can see she's really pregnant !! i don't know how people can keep saying that she's faking it ??? what the heck !
i love beyonce and think you look beautiful being pregnant


Little chinese girl

امس عرضت قناة الام بي سي فيديو عن بنت بالصين عمرها  ادعمتها شاحنة و مشت و تمت البنية ساعة كاملة طايحة بالشارع و الناس يمرون منها و لا جنهم شايفيين شي و محد سوا شي و لا دق على الاسعاف لحد ما لقتها امها , صراحة فيديو يعور القلب امي ما قدرت تكمله , ما اجري شنو مشكلت هالشعب !!! خالتي تقول من اللي ياكلونه موت قلوبهم !!!

i saw this shocking video of the little Chinese girls yesterday on MBC , i don't know what is wrong with those people , first of all if you have a weak heart don't watch this.


The shock !!! H&M

my fellow blogger q8rain was invited to the privet VIP party in avenues for Versace for H&M  and she was kind enough to give me the other invitation , so i got up early went there, and i waited for rainy coz i seriously thought only with the invitation i will get in, but to my shock every one was getting in so i went in , H&M why send invitation for an exclusive event that will not happen ?!!!! and how come some pieces were reserved at 8 am if this is the ""VIP"" part ?!!!!! and on another point a lot of the girls were mmmmmm how do i say this ?? let say they were not civilized , people it's only clothes !!  let me add not good quality clothes.


after that i met the beautiful blogger pinkgirl and i have breakfast with her m rainy and rainy's niece la6ofa , that was the only good thing i got from versace for H&M collection. 

if it was you !!

تخيلوا نفسكم قاعدين بصالون او قاعدين تزهبون لطلعة و يصير لكم هالشي ؟؟ و الله مت من الضحك على الفيديو زرت عقولهم المساكين ...


Froyonation contest

You have to have heard of the Versace for H&M collection !! if you would love to go to the VIP event and have a first to shop the collection on Thursday 17th of November then all you have to do is go to froyonation blog she is holding a contest for all you fashionista's out there of course the contest is not only for ladies but also for gents so don't hesitate. thanx D for this :)

اكيد سمعتوا بكولكشن فيرساشي لH&M  اللي راح ينزل يوم الخميس 17 /11 و راح يكون في افتتاح حصري الساعة 8 و اذا انتوا حابين تحضرون زميلتي المدونة  froyonation  مسوية مسابقة على بلوقها و الشروط سهلة روحو لبلوقها و لا ترددون بالمشاركة و على فكرة المسابقة مو حصرية للبنات بس حتى الشباب يقدرون يشاركون و اذا ما كان في مشاركين شباب بيصير في رابحتين من البنات ، موفقين كلكم و موفقة D  ومشكورة على المسابقة الحلوة.

They are back !!

Remember the two little British girls that were on Ellen DeGeneres show a few week ago that sang Nicki Minaj- super bass song ! Well they are back on Ellen , that Sophia really makes me up but i do feel sorry for rosie since she is so shy and is shadowed by her cousin.


Dinner at Cafe Supreme

i don't know why but when the weather is his good all you want to do is be outside weather it's dinner coffer or just a walk , so last night me , the cousins and the sisters went out for dinner in cafe supreme. they have new items added to their menu.

my cousins Chicken with cheese , i tried it if you like mushroom you'll love it
my sisters Alfredo pasta she didn't even try it since t has vegetable and i refused to get her another one since it's her fault she didn't ask for it without vegetables so i ended up eating it all i can say it's like any other Alfredo pasta nothing special
wedges potato love it
Margareta my favorite pizza we all loved it 

of course there were other dishes but i hate when my cousins are all "bsch t9wer fshltena !!!" so this is all i got, i highly recommend cafe supreme for any meal , i specially love their breakfast :)