breakfast from MacDonalds

at work we get bored easily so we like to try new places for breakfast not like MacDonald is a new restaurant but this is my first time trying their "hot cake" which is simply pan cakes and my friend loves  sausage muffin. any way back to the hot cake i really liked them they are not the best i tasted but they are good enough. MacDonald serves breakfast from 6:00 to 11:00.

حبينا  نغير و نطلب ريوق من ماكدونالدز ,  و قررت اختار الهوت كيك او الكيك الحار بالعربي و اهوا بساطة بان كيك و حيل عجبني ، ماكدونالدز يقدم الريوق من 6:00 الى الساعة 11:00 ، انصح فيه اذا حابين تغيرون و اذا كنتوا من اهل الدوامات و تملون من نفس الريوق كل يوم.

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