Dinner at Cafe Supreme

i don't know why but when the weather is his good all you want to do is be outside weather it's dinner coffer or just a walk , so last night me , the cousins and the sisters went out for dinner in cafe supreme. they have new items added to their menu.

my cousins Chicken with cheese , i tried it if you like mushroom you'll love it
my sisters Alfredo pasta she didn't even try it since t has vegetable and i refused to get her another one since it's her fault she didn't ask for it without vegetables so i ended up eating it all i can say it's like any other Alfredo pasta nothing special
wedges potato love it
Margareta my favorite pizza we all loved it 

of course there were other dishes but i hate when my cousins are all "bsch t9wer fshltena !!!" so this is all i got, i highly recommend cafe supreme for any meal , i specially love their breakfast :)

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