The shock !!! H&M

my fellow blogger q8rain was invited to the privet VIP party in avenues for Versace for H&M  and she was kind enough to give me the other invitation , so i got up early went there, and i waited for rainy coz i seriously thought only with the invitation i will get in, but to my shock every one was getting in so i went in , H&M why send invitation for an exclusive event that will not happen ?!!!! and how come some pieces were reserved at 8 am if this is the ""VIP"" part ?!!!!! and on another point a lot of the girls were mmmmmm how do i say this ?? let say they were not civilized , people it's only clothes !!  let me add not good quality clothes.


after that i met the beautiful blogger pinkgirl and i have breakfast with her m rainy and rainy's niece la6ofa , that was the only good thing i got from versace for H&M collection. 


  1. 7bebty nice meeting you, waied estanast m3akom o enshallah we will do it again ;)