JUJU's cupcake

on Tuesday while we were in "al-fanar" we noticed this cupcake shop so being Kuwaitis we had to go check it out , they have cupcakes with ever flavors and they also have custom made cupcakes that you have to pre-order a day ahead I liked how they looked like. they have two pranches one in "al- fanar" the other is in "state Audit Bureau (dewan elmo7asba)".

 Their counter is right next to marble slap

 Those are the custom cupcakes you have to pre-order
 They had a screen that showed their different cupcakes even the ones not on display
you can get a small box with almost all their flavors in mini size if you wanted to try them

their tel. number : 25722999
their website
thier twitter

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I once bought a red-velvet cupcake but sadly it was not fresh. It was the first and last time i buy from them.