ayyame breakfast

i went today with my sister to the village (finally) and had breakfast at ayyame , i really liked the atmosphere of the the restaurant and thou it's small that gave it a more cozy feeling and let me tell you the food was great , our order was for 10 people thou were only two girls .. hehehe . the village (you'd think it's a big place or something)  it self is still under construction and only three restaurants are open ( ayyame , nestle toll house , and a third one  i forgot it's name but i know it's a Mexican restaurant ). i'll leave you with the pictures now 

zoom on the map :) 

our order

they gave us a gift which was a CD (it had all the hits of English and Arabic songs) and they gave us the menu for home delivery .. 

my sister answered an evaluation about the restaurant

our whole breakfast coasted us 10.6 KD's
the only negative thing  i would say about this experience is that in the middle of our breakfast uncivilized group came in and they were loud and rode , i hope when i go back again i don't see people like them well i hope i don't find people like them any were .

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