I'm Cool Now

finally i got on the hip and cool wagon and i tried shake shack, yesterday i went shopping with my sisters and we decided to order shake shack to go, my youngest sister ordered for us while i was in mac :p knowing i love mushroom that what she ordered for me burger with mushroom , I'm not sure whats the name of the sandwich since i didn't even read the menu.
personally i prefer Johny rocks , the sandwich at shake shack is as we say in Kuwait "t8eth" i couldn't finish my sandwich and it's have the size of Johny rocks burger ! my baby brother was the only one that enjoyed it too much considering his sandwich had no tomato , no lotus and no sauce , i  he don't know why ordered one to start with ..hehe

hatha jhaz yhtaz lma e6lab y5le9 mt2kda kelkom t3rfona

being a piky eater like my brother i don't eat tomato :p

la7ad y'97ak ma a8dar akel el burger mrkba t8wem :(

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