معرض الرجنسي

today Aug 22 is the last day of "m3ra'9 erjensi"
is you ask me it's worth going ' lost of youth talents
one of the booths i really likes was "27" which is T-shirt booth
i got one and my sister got one two because they only sell them in pair for 5 KD's
the funkiest part about their T-shirts is the boxes they come in

i was suppose to put the box together and attach his arms and mostach but i was to lazy to ...

this was my pick
the second booth i really liked was brown diamonds
i really liked their sweet and i liked the owner of this booth she was so fun and we chatted about her sweet and she was shocked when i told her i do he same sweet , well i never thought about selling it
and was we ended taking one box for my lil brother , he's do crazy about them
finally we went to was "WOW atelea "  i took this koftan from her , she called "dra3at el7rof"

she had turbans also , i like the colors she had

she also had these cute flats

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