Belle Noel Honey Hexagon Hair Comb

when i first read on  pinkgirlq8 blog about kim kardashion belle noel hair comb , i clicked on their website link and placed my order without any second thoughts trendyfanatics is the websites that provides them excursively in Kuwait with other Belle Noel accessories , they have home delivery ... how convenient for me !!
any way i placed my order around 7:30 and i got a sms after almost half hour conforming my order
my package arrived at 10:30


the comb was 17.5 KD + 2KD delivery
i'm so in love with  my Belle noel comb ...
here's the link to their website if any one interested  trendyfanatics
and you can follow them on twitter @trendyfanatics
they also have a  facebook

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  1. Thank you for your post, we are glad you liked the hair comb as much as we do :)